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The help you need to succeed in the coming economic boon.


Whether You Are Just Starting Out In the Business, Or A Seasoned Pro… You Need To Ask... Am I ready For The New Economy...

If You Don't Have Work Right Now, Find Out What You've Been Missing...

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Some of the critical things you need to know...

·         How to Sell More Jobs By Closing The Deal On the First Call

·         How to Build the Project Without Spending Your Own Money

·         How to Get Your Subcontractors To Give You Better Prices

·         How to Get Building Permits Without an Architect and Engineering Fees

·         How to Get Paid for Giving “Free” Estimates

·         How to Keep Your Crews Busy When Work Gests Slow

·         How Much Profit Should you Be Making on Your Jobs

·         How to Figure Out What Your Overhead Really is





Things You Need To Know To Be A Successful Remodel Salesman

 You can't afford to be without these professional and accurate tools of the trade. Quit wasting your time and the time of your customer… You will learn how to close on the first call; on the first and only visit to the customer's home… THAT'S RIGHT… "First Call Closes" on all your leads. Unheard of? Not really. The top home improvement salesmen in the nation have successfully used these techniques for years. Most average over $1,000,000 per year in sales.

·        What does it take to be a Remodeling Salesman

·         The written sales agreement with your customer

·         Getting the leads

·         The "Free Estimate"

·         Your first contact with the customer

·         and much, much more!!! 






Things You Need To Know To Be A Successful Remodel Contractor

No matter what trade you are the master of ... No matter if you're a Seasoned Pro or a Newbie in the home improvement business…. This is the one partner you can’t afford to be without. Everything you've always wanted to know about the remodeling contracting business… but had no one to ask. Over 40 years of time proven techniques used by pros throughout the nation, at your fingertips. Stay small and make more money than you ever dreamed of… or become the largest remodeling contractor in your area and ready to retire a millionaire in less than 5 years.

·         What does it take to be a Remodeling Contractor

·          The written sales agreement with your customer

·          Getting the leads

·          The "Free Estimate"

·          Your first contact with the customer

·          and much, much more!!! 





Microsoft Excel™ Job Costing Workbook

The Perfect Tool for contractors, salesmen, and tradesmen alike. Now available in self-calculating, fully programmable, and printable versions for Microsoft Excel™ for your office PC or take it with you on your lap-top. The First and Only estimating system that allows you to manually price out any remodeling project in less than 5 minutes, right in the customers home! Not only can you know and understand the cost of each project, but also the GENERAL CONDITIONS, overhead and profit for the complete turnkey project. Remove the guesswork from those questionable situations once and for all! You are guided effortlessly through the maze of costing out your project in a matter of minutes and without missing the unseen and hidden costs that can turn a dream into a nightmare.




Entire Package


Buy the entire package and save!!!!  Package includes Remodel Salesman, Remodel Contractor and the Microsoft Excel™ Quick Job Costing.






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